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May 06, 2014


Ron Bruce

Wow, good luck with the move. Neat you will be back in your beloved California.

Made SIPS a few years back but still want to try a commercial name brand one to see if it's an improvement at all.

Ron B

Grant Shawcroft

Food prices are going up all over.
I just wanted to drop you a not and let you know that I have two bubble SIPs that I have planted now. One is a square plastic box that has two pepper plants in it, and the second is a larger container that I have planted a Japanese Maple tree in. I'm looking forward to watching them grow. I'm a little worried about the peppers because I added about a cup and a half of fertilizer then read the bag and learned that I should only have added one half cup. I'm a little worried that they will burn out. They are both planted in Miracle Grow potting mix. Both containers will be kept outside in full sun.


I have never heard of the SIP method before. I am super excited about reading more and trying to adapt this method and introduce it to friends. Will you be providing any workshops in San Diego? I live in Orange County and would be super interested in learning more.


Hi, I've been reading your blog and have a few questions, unfortunately comments are closed on earlier posts related to my questions. I have a windowsill "garden" of herbs. I had some badly waterlogged plants and decided to try to make a bubble SIP as I only have one room and want them to look nice and didn't want to buy anything. I made the bubble from a plastic condiment container and the tube from a little hotel shampoo bottle with the bottom cut off. Wasn't sure if I should glue the cup/ bubble to the bottom of my pot. Should there be a seal? I used hot glue to attach my tube to the bubble and create a seal. Also unsure now that I've repotted my plant if I need to water from above to rehydrate my pretty dried-up potting soil or just fill the bubble. And if I get a scale and go crazy on the weighing to determine watering amounts, does the wet weight mean watered from the top and fully saturated? Thanks!

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