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December 03, 2012


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Al Gracian 3

This is an interesting project. Can we expect to see further details on this blog?

The question I have is: Why should an SIP user need to ration their plant's water at all? Why couldn't they keep their water reservoir full? The potting mix of a well constructed SIP will have the right balance porosity vs capillarity. That is how the rain-gutter system works. The same goes for retail kits like EarthBOXes.

Do indoor SIPs differ in some way that requires measuring the water?


Wowee! I'm so inspired by your website, Mr. Hyland! This is my first attempt at urban/desert/patio SIP gardening. You've already saved me from needlessly complicated designs being promoted elsewhere. It's been weeks of research and even a local organic gardening class... but it's been worth the time to get all the latest and greatest info. Found you by way of those amazing youngsters at Global Buckets. Aren't they somethin'? Thank you so much for all your enthusiastic efforts!


trying to get contact info for person[s] running this site
thanks in advance

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