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February 14, 2012


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I agree that there's not enough education about toxins in our soil, especially not the removal of them. But I hope to eventually talk more about the topic...

While researching my topic of choice, electroculture, I learned about toxic soils and how they can be cleaned using phytoremediation, or in my case, electrophytoremediation. In phytoremediation, soils are cleaned using certain types of plants known as "hyper-accumulators" which are capable of absorbing large amounts of soils toxins ranging from hydrocarbons to heavy metals like zinc and lead.

When I started creating my own gardens, digging up the overgrown ivy in my yard I found an assortment of old auto parts and some electronics that were buried... what toxins or chemicals lay hidden within my soil? Of course I could (should) get a soil test. At the same time, I could start growing hyperaccumulators like sunflowers - check out the list at wikipedia:

With electrophytoremediation, the process is accelerated, allowing you to remove soil toxins at a faster rate through modest use of electricity.

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