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January 16, 2012


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Dorothy Buechel

I am captivated by this concept. Would you consider doing a DIY how to video? I saw the step by step photos on flickr but in one photo I saw a bottlecap and in others I did not. Then would like to know if you water it from the top first to keep it moist? How long until the plant can get water from below exclusively? Thanks!


Sorry for the slow reply Dorothy. You must be looking at my to-do list. YouTube videos are definitely on it. I just need to get past my medical issues.

I no longer use bottle caps with holes. They clog up with roots before too long. A cloth (poly batting or felt) retainer wick works much better. Plant roots will grow right through the fabric.

I might water from the top at time of installation to settle the soil into the planter. Other than that I never top water. Given adequate light the root system will make a beeline and find the water in the reservoir. Healthy roots are incredibly aggressive in finding water.

Keep in mind that you should wait until the water in the reservoir is consumed before adding more water. Also, the soil surface should always be dry. If it's moist you're adding too much water.

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