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January 21, 2012


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"So, my message is to save all the straight sided soda bottles you can find and turn them into SIPs. What a great recycling project this would be for every school in America.
Why then is it not taught in the public school system? Why are consumer horticulture institutions such as urban botanic gardens not teaching it? Many millions of children who are destined for lives of obesity or hunger deserve better."

I agree with horticultural education being increased in our schools. But why criticize companies for redesigning bottles so that they have less environmental impact?

Growing plants in bottles is fun & educational but very limited in scope. It would never solve our landfill crisis. It would never yield enough crops to end hunger. If we are concerned about obese children, shouldn't we encourage them to avoid buying soda altogether!?

I'd rather see soda eliminated from American's diets. And water bottles could be recycled, but better yet, don't buy bottled water in the 1st place! Use a steel canteen.


I found a good way to use the contoured pop bottles. I currently use the bottom portion just below where the curve starts (about 3" on a 2-ltr bottle) and put it inside of a standard drain-hole pot. Thus it creates a quick and easy reservoir. I then stick a water tube in the bottom half and I am able to fill up the container with LECA.

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