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October 31, 2011


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We'll eagerly await the How-To Guide, esp guidance on clay-pebble hydroculture.


Another one looking forward to the how-to guide here!

Peter Pesce

Great site. I found it while looking for information on hydroculture after reading Dr Wolverton's book. (Yes, I did catch the part saying HOW you grow is as important as WHAT you grow!)
My questions are very basic, as I'm a total novice with house plants:
Can I buy a plant from a local garden center and just re-plant it in clay pebbles? Does it matter if it's a large, mature plant?
Thanks! Pete


I'd pay for the information. You're killing me here waiting for this how-to guide! There's demand for it so why aren't you supplying? Please, release what you have so far at least! Especially about the hydroculture.

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