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July 09, 2011


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Am I missing something?
Every time I see one of these with the plastic milk bottles or such used as the reservoir and only ONE has the fill tube... I say to myself..."how does the water get from THAT container to the others to keep THEM filled as well??" Is there a "connection line" from one to the other to also fill THOSE or am I just not CONNECTING THE DOTS????


Hi Oldgrowth, There are holes in both the top and bottom surfaces of the milk containers. The top holes provide aeration and the bottom holes allow water to enter. The connecting "pipe" for all of the reservoirs is the watertight bottom of the planter. Water flows along the bottom of the planter and rises in each reservoir until it reaches the height of the overflow drain hole. I've posted this info before but need to include it each time I post about this design. It's counter intuitive and I'm sure you're not the only one with the question. Editing a blog like this is tricky and very time consuming. Please remember that I don't get paid for this job. ;-)


Tak til deling!


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