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June 20, 2011


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Thanks for sharing my video. I like your idea of schools doing something along this line. Just like music, when young people are exposed to something, it stays with them for life and can have a profound effect.

With a houseful of stray cats taken in during our Illinois blizzards, I started to accumulate a lot of these litter buckets in the garage, feeling that there must be a use for them. I thought about asking a local teacher if she would like them for her students. They could put supplies in them to take on short field trips and use them to sit on as well. Then I came across some videos showing container planters and the rest is history. Like you mentioned, a child could bring them home at the end of the school term and enjoy the bounty.

I helped plant our community garden for our local food pantry and we had a girl scout troop that just LOVED digging in the soil and dreaming about the results of their efforts. These young girls experienced something that so many young people never do..........gardening!

I have just uploaded a video showing how much bigger the plants have grown in just another week on my blog at


Thanks for the background information Gene. It was my pleasure to post your video. Keep on growing!

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