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April 18, 2011


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Went to my neighborhood Home Depot store and they are $9 more.


Thanks Betwixt. Feedback like this is most helpful. I just checked the H.D. online price and it is still $20.97. Curious! I wonder what the store manager would say if you asked for the online price. We'll see what happens to the pricing as competition develops.


I asked and he gave it - I walked away with 3. It probably helped that I was super nice and waffled about how many I would buy. 50% more definitely seemed like a lot considering the EarthBox deal you posted.

Greg  Stevenson

I just got one from local Lowes. I live in "The OC" in Southern California. None of the Orange County Home Depots had them or even had them in process. (Online site said NYC stores had them.) The OC Lowes have them ($9 more), but some have already sold out, but should be replenished soon from Lowes SoCal warehouse.

BTW, also found out Lowes sales ripped bags of soil, etc. for 50% off. I got 9 bags nearly full mix from two local Lowes this way.


Thanks for the input guys. It will be interesting to see how this plays out across the country. The BIG question in my mind is who is going to do the marketing and publicity for these "big box pickers" SIPs? I can assure you that I'm not getting any commission. It will be interesting to see if there is any newsletter or other advertising. In any case it's a very big step forward in local urban food production to have these SIPs widely available at retail. Not everyone has the time or motivation to be a DIYer.


I bought 9 City Pickers at Home Depot when they were $20.97. I have not been able to find them at this price online recently. I think the price I has increase to $29.97 based on the increase in demand. I am a newbie gardener and my city pickers are doing great. I will be making progress videos on youtube. Check out the link.

rick tiefel

no instruction book enclosed. not familar with how 2 gallons of water underneath screen can water 6 or so inches of dirt above the screen. Assume black tarp for seeded and/or very young plants getting started. Not to be left on during hot weather and in hot sun. Have an association with 24 units wanting to try. purchased one at Lowes, didnt see at HDepot


What does anyone use for a trellis for tomatoes. Is there a trellis you can get for this planter. Can anyone help? I would assume the trellis would be about 20" wide. Help?

Jessica Lawrence

Ok I bought this beauty yesterday... it seems it works on a "wick" method that keeps it moist and does not let you overwater. It took me quite a bit of thinking to understand there is a difference between potting soil and potting mix. Also, the directions call for granulated fertilizer and something called dolomite (calcium & magnesium)or garden lime. I am so excited to begin this project! I live in Las Vegas and the weather is very unforgiving. If this works, I will be buying many more and my back yard will finally be more than a rock garden!

Nickie Engle

I bought two of these from Lowes about 3 weeks ago. I am absolutely thrilled with them! I planted a 'Trusty Rusty' and 'Henna' coleus in one of them, and some other form of coleus in the other - and the plants have almost tripled in size already, looking as healthy as can be! I'd also put a few mints along the sides & they are growing like crazy too. I plan to get more boxes & grow tomatoes & other veggies in them this fall (too hot in the summer here for tomatoes)

But the coleus look so fantastic, it just amazes me how much they have grown! I had one plant too many, so that extra one went into a normal planter - it's healthy, and I've been caring for it as well as I know how to - but it hasn't grown nearly as much as the plants in the 'patio pickers' boxes have!

I have a narrow flower bed along the front of my home, I've had bad luck trying to get things to grow there before, planting directly in the ground. I think I will line up a bunch of these planters in there & it will be an easy way to have some beautiful plants out there!

I must admit, this is my first time using sub-irrigated planters & if these two attempts are typical of the results, I'm never going to use anything else! I was hesitant at first, because of the cost - but hopefully, these will prove to be durable and hold up for at least a few years - as long as they last a reasonable amount of time, the initial cost is WELL worth it!

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