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April 14, 2011


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thought you'd like it Bob. i'd be interested to see how these compare with EB as far as yields given the shallower 'dirt' depth. probably for greens, not one bit. curious about tomatoes, et al. though. tomatoes may end up sinking their roots in that pool on the bottom in more of a 'hydroponic' style. this thing might do wonders to disprove Mr. Triscuit's root rot rantings once and for all.

also, i know you prefer strictly potting mix, but for those who like to amend their soils to get more aeration in their containers, the home depot in queens also has pine bark fines from LI Compost for $3 a big bag. can't beat the price and locally harvested to boot.

excuse me if you have touched on this subject before, but one thing i still can't get my head around is the whole strip of dolomite thing. i understand why it's there and how useful it is for the roots have a layer always there to find Ca & Mg, but EB insists that without that layer, the whole system fails.

i don't know why it's so radically different from just mixing in the proper ratio of dolomite into your potting mix, other than it's idiot proof. thoughts?

nelda isom

Im trying the city pickers for the first time this year. They look the same as ebs that i used years ago except bigger. I paid 29.98 for mine from Home Depot.

nelda isom

Im using the city pickers for the first time this year. I bought them at Home Depot for 30.00 each.


would like to know how these city pickers work out


The dolomite isn't put in the fertilizer strip, rather mixed into the top 3 to 4 inches of soil.


The Home Depot website now shows the price as $29.97.


This is a link to Home Depot that shows the price of the City Pickers still at $20.97.

Where are you located Melissa?


Strange. I see the $29.97 price when I load the Home Depot website at home, and $20.97 price at work. Oh- my local store is different. Apparently the online price is higher with an Atlanta zip code (30304) than upper GA zip code (30525). That's pretty ridiculous.


I bought 4 city pickers at my local Home Depot for $29.97. When I came home I Googled it and found them priced at $20.97 at (this item is priced differently based on your home store's zip code). I brought my original receipt back to home depot with a print out of the lower online price and they refunded me the difference. They also honored the online line price in the store and I bought 5 more. Call your local home depot and see if they will do the same.
If you go to and you find the City Pickers @ $29.97 you have to go to your home store location and play with the zip codes to find an area that they are priced @ $20.97 (try 48823 this worked for me). If you would like to buy online at this price simple check out as a guest and you are good to go. Home Depot currently has free shipping on orders that are $49.00 and up. Good Luck friends.


Your information is very helpful and most interesting about H.D. pricing Rachael. Thanks for posting it.


FYI: Dolomite is also called garden lime its a powder that can be found at Home Depot in the section for garden fertilizers and pest control. I bought a large 15-20lb bag for about 5 bucks.


Update on my 9 City Pickers. They are doing fabulous! Wow, I never imagined that they would do so well. I have tons of stuff growing. I will be making a series of video documententing the progress. Check it out!


Does anyone know what these things are made of? Earthbox is made of food safe plastic and I want to be sure we are growing in something that is safe and won't leach chemicals into our food. Can you can plant more on these than in an earth box? Using more space horizontally is a waste of space unless there is some benefit to the design other than to avoid a lawsuit. I've always wondered why someone doesn't make a deeper earthbox planter.


I used four of these last year. I don't recommend growing more than six plants in a container. It's a great way to grow lettuce. The viney vegetables get to be a problem though because the container is too shallow to keep a stake upright. The other problem I had was the squirrels. They ate everything except the peppers and the arugula. I notice Home Depot is offering various greenhouse contraptions this year. My problem now is that I don't know whether I can use the same soil in my city picker planters as last year or do I need to amend it in some way. Anyone know?


I purchased two of these from HD. I live in NJ, and I actually paid less than $15. each. I'm going to get two more because we ran out of space to plant everything we want to grow.

sand flea

This is the first time using the city picker and was reading over the instructions, is it that necessary to use the potting mix. Will potting soil work? Also I am seeing mixed reviews about planting tomatoes, any tips? How about eggplant? I just got into gardening last year and really got into it, so any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Please help, I can't find a potting mix that doesn't have any forest bi product like the instruction asks, the miracle grow, Kellogg's all have forest bi product. I only found one but it cost $10 for a small bag it would be 30$ to fill it. Any suggestions?

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