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April 28, 2011


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I love secrets like these.

Honestly - I think Martha would approve! You should submit your great ideas to her show! I have a hunch she would LOVE you! I have really enjoyed reading about this (and the other articles on your blog) and I believe you have resolved an issue I have with growing plants in a patio area inhabited by a bunny... (please note bunny has 10' x 18' area and part of the house to call home. Now that I can move my favorite plants out of reach (my drip systems are just not cutting it) Bunn Bunn and I will be able to live in peace!


Thanks for the nice words CPJ. I appreciate them. So, you think I could change Martha's mind on anything when even Andy Rooney couldn't. I doubt it, but who knows. Anything is possible. ;-)


Bruce, I do too but now it's no longer a secret is it? Is it ok to do a press release on a secret? Maybe at some time in the future people will keep it a secret if they use a clay pot. ;-)

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