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March 26, 2011


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First off, man I LOVE your blog! It's been a source of inspiration for 3+ years.

I've been thinking about glass for a while -- very Eco-friendly waterproof container. I'm also interested in clay (especially if you get more robust growth).

1) Do you use a wick? What's the material?
2) What's in your nutrient solution?

I could see a row of SIPs made from large 1.5l wine bottles that would look nicer than anything fro 2l soda bottles. More artsy, less frugal chiq.


Thanks much for your positive feedback. I appreciate it. The wick/soil retainer is Pellon polyester batting material. Note that I added a link to the post.

I use a constant feed method as done in hydroponics. Sub-irrigation is a simple form of hydroponics where they don't talk about water, it's the "nutrient solution".

I've been using Dyna-gro Foliage and Dyna-gro Bloom for many years at an application rate of 1/2 teaspoon/gallon. There are many other brands but DG was popular in interior plantscaping where I used to have a business. Nutrients of this type are typically sold by hydroponics suppliers not the usual chain retailers. I use DG for all indoor plants regardless of the media. I need to do a separate post about nutrition.

Soda bottle SIPs can be treated as plumbing and concealed inside decorative cache pots, but I agree with your liking for glass. I used to collect antique bottles. I wish I still had the ones I gave away when I moved back to New York. Some of those bottles of lesser value as "antiques" would have made great planters. No worry, I'll find some more attractive colored glass bottles by "mining" the local dining spots and pubs on 3rd Avenue "restaurant row" here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Stay tuned!


Soda bottle SIPs look very nice decoupaged - just another way of making them decorative.Water proofed with mod podge.Ideal if you want to coordinate with your decor color scheme.


Cool idea Pramila. The downside is that they are then no longer transparent. One of the major features of soda bottle SIPs is the ability to see the status of the soil and health of the roots. For this reason I prefer to install them in decorative cache pots. Clay pots are relatively inexpensive.

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