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August 30, 2010


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Appreciate you providing this info and I'm planning a SIP garden next year. However, I'm wondering if you're considering the type of plastic this is and whether or not it leeches. Given its intended use, I'd guess that this is not suitable for drinking water and thus wouldn't be suitable for water that my veggies are going to soak in. Can you tell if it is and more generally if you scrutinize these products you endorse here for leeching and if they're appropriate for drinking water (which has to be the standard).

Lori Kelsey

I saw a "lettuce table" for growing lettuce and was wondering why you couldn't make a table with a boxed in area on top as an SIP planter. Sound like it would work? Line it with plasic sheeting, plastic bottle containers or tubes, put in a fill tube and soil? My only concern would be drainage. Drill a hole in the wood box?

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