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August 30, 2010


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Bryan Edwards

Is there an overflow drainage hole in the mortar box the height of the drain pipe? Or does this design not require an overflow hole?





I am interested in building this planter. Can you highlight on the photograph where the overflow drain hole is located? Thank you.


I can see how water fills the pipe with water bottle filler, but how does water fill the other perforated pipes? The soil fills the void between pipes, wouldn't that block water flow and inhibit the filling the other pipe segments.

Jan Dillon

What about BP's?


I built two of these today... still trying to figure out how the second pipe works. Also, I don't know if they make the mortar boxes that deep anymore - mine is barely taller than the perforated pipes, and they stick out the top unless I heap soil over them. We'll see if these work. I've made successful SIPs before, using galvanized steel basins or the two-pail method, but these I'm skeptical about.


I like this but I also want to know about how the water gets from one pipe to another.
I've built two-bucket SIP's and others and used them to good effect, but the only way I can see this working is layering the almost the entire bottom of the container with perforated pipe, leaving only a small area free to be the "Soil Wick".
Any clear answers would be great,thanks.

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