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August 31, 2010


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Very cool!!


Awesome!! I'm getting on the SIP bandwagon with my first tote today!! I bought a $4.50 Walmart tote, using free 2.5 gallon water bottles for reservoir and 1/2 inch tubing for drainage and Edna's Best mix for soil!! I'm on my way!! All thanks to you, your site is the bomb!! Swiss Chard, thyme, collards, and mustard greens will be the reward I'm hoping. My main strategy for bugs is Safer 3 in 1 spray and diatomaceous earth. I hope that will keep the unfriendlies in check. Keep up your good work, my friend.


This is very creative! Its good to know that there are a lot of us doing indoor gardening nowadays. Well, if ever you want a real window box, here's a good place to start looking - That's where I bought my tampered iron window box at home. Pretty neat stuff.


What I don't understand is whether she used a fertilizer strip. From what I understand of SIP gardening you need to apply fertilizer because the planting mix doesn't contain any plant food.

I love it, though, and would love to do the same thing. I'm finding the choices of potting mix to be a little confusing, though. Some have compost, others just fertilizer. Any help would be much appreciated.

Balcony Expression

Nice Blog !!

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