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November 24, 2009


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In your flickr photo set I see the regular plastic container with polyester batting style like this:

Is there no need to poke the air holes in the plastic container in addition to inserting the batting?


Also, somewhat eagerly awaiting more detailed pictures / instructions of the cut-off neck 2.0 version!


Hi Erik, The inner (cookie) container has holes poked all over the bottom that help oxygenation and drain any excess water. They just don't show up in the photo. Good eye!

The Flickr photos instruction set needs updating to include the shorter 2.0 version and I've also added a fill tube (5/8" dia clear plastic). Should have done it long ago. Photo documentation of all this stuff is tedious work. Maybe it will be easier with the Flip camcorder I recently bought. Yet another digital art to learn. Thanks for your interest. Stay tuned!


Is there much to it aside from cutting off the bottle neck? I've just today made my first pop bottle planter from a 3 liter and it is just a little too tall to hide in the clay put my plant used to be in...

(i figured there were holes in the inner plastic container with the batting... they're smaller than in the original pop bottle planters or about the same size?)

thanks for the quick reply by the way!

yasmin hannah and Mr Fayadh

We are from Bukit Indah Primary, Malaysia. We are using your technique in planting some herbs and beans. Hope you can show these children some support by having a look at what we have done a drop a comment in our blog as well. Thank you ;)

Mr Fayadh


my name is yasmin. I am from malaysia. I am 9 years old. my class has planted some beans using the bottles. check it out! send a comment too!


Link to the Post:

More photos:

yasmin hannah and Mr Fayadh

By the way, do you have any recommendations on growing a balsam plant? We have a tropical climate where it is humid and rains frequently. Currently I am placing their bottles in an abandoned greenhouse.

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