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October 12, 2009


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cycling in hollywood

im using some earthboxes outside and they work great

give me some insight here tho -- what is a locally available sustainable alternative to use for soilless mix in the boxes?


At this time there isn't a viable alternative to soilless mixes that I'm aware of. These "light" mixes are necessary for good capillary action. Remember to read the ingredients on the bag and not use a mix that contains top soil or dirt from the ground.

Some people are adding from 20-30% well aged compost to the soilless mixes. We definitely need more applied research on this subject.

Ben Czajkowski

The photos are marked as private on Flickr :)


Oops! Thanks Ben!

Michael Godwin

So do you put gravel between the water reservoir and D the dirt if you're putting your plants into

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