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July 06, 2009


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hi bob, practical question for ya:
for those of us who are fond of using used/salvaged materials, what would be good articles of fabric to use for wicks?
would pantyhose work?

Greenscaper Bob

Hi littlefish, I haven't used pantyhose material but i've seen it mentioned many times on the web. I wouldn't however recommend using a natural material like cotton because it will rapidly disintegrate.

Polyester batting or felt costs very little and is sustainable (washable & reusable). I recycle but sometimes it's being penny wise, pound foolish to use an unsuitable material and have the project fail.


i hear ya about the 1c wise Lb fool thing...i see that in my customers all the time.

you answered my question tho w/o trying:
got plenty of polyester felt lying around...


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