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June 30, 2009


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Love the urban garden ideas. I'm glad you're going to be engaging this concept. I put a lot of research into this subject personally prior to putting a submission together for ReVision Dallas. I think the key isn't so much the financial model or even the reclaiming of unused space that the urban gardens afford, it's the community building aspect that is the most powerful. It's perfect symmetry that such a concept is also sustainable. Well done.


I recently discovered my urban backyard is contaminated with lead - so have to change the way i garden.

Your blog offers loads of great urban gardening inspiration thanks.

Greenscaper Bob

Thanks for the feedback guys. My new advocacy is modeled after Brick City Urban Farms or which I am a BIG fan. I call it a PONG - Portable Outreach Neighborhood Garden. The portable planters can be easily moved to a new location if necessary AND their portability allows OUTREACH to the surrounding community. The garden (i.e. sub-irrigated planter) can be moved to those who either don't have the time or physical ability to come to the garden. Ping me if your're interested in starting a PONG.

Bob Hyland
urbangreenscaper [AT]

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