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March 24, 2009


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Rachel B.

I wish I had found your site before I dug up my apartment's lil' backyard. I amended the heck outta it too (pricey to do organic and labor intense).

But, after I ran out of room, I made my own quasi- "Earth Box" with directions from the net. And since I got so excited, I decided to make many, many more self- irrigating containers, researched some more and thus found your site. After seeing your awesome site, I'm even more thrilled! This means more heirloom varieties and more herbs. Now I can use up the rest of those totes I have and recycle those butter tubs like I've always wanted!

I'm going to use some leftover bamboo to make the irrigation pipes. Way cool. I'm so stoked, and so are my neighbors.

It really does help to know the why behind it all. Thanks for the know how!


Hi Rodolphe, sorry for the slow acknowledgment of your links. Are you planning to make a set of instructions on the web? I looked at your photos and think I understand it but most of us would need some explanation of how you made it. It's great that you made it. We need much more DIY creativity like yours on this subject.


Many thanks for your feedback Rachel. I'm sure it will be most helpful to others who read this blog. Good luck with your grow box gardening.


Hi, I`m thinkin in wich containers I can recicle. I work in a beverage plant so I can use a lot of bottles, and I was thinking in use a olds buckets but the issue is they use for wash the floor and other things, so, I gonna reuse the old an broken big bottles with 20 liters of capacity, but the issue is this, I can do this sistem, the two buckets une inside other or the pop-soda bottle system. ¿whic is the best to use? Greetings and scuse my half/tonge english.


Another thing, the good thing in this kind of container is the size, so you can put a bigger plant, but one of the negative things that I note is this: in a Pop-soda bottle you can see the level of the water, in this kind of devices you can´t, and I talking in the homemade or the commercial desings.. So I gonna think in this issue and later, gonna try to come back with idea... later...

Paul Tremel

Do you install an overflow tube in the above Tote design and if so would you please specify the placement?

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