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February 24, 2009


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Actually, the rooftop garden IS watered by sub-irrigation. For the simplicity of the contest, we entered only the rain barrel/hose setup.

You never want to hold water on a roof, so the boxes are lined with filter fabric and have typical green roof drainage layers underneath. They retain moisture in tiny cups below the soil, yet shed excess water (which is then recaputured by the rain barrels) very well.


thanks for the post!


Thanks for the info you have a green roof 'sandwich' something like this inside the planter boxes.

The question is how do you add water when it does not rain! Do you use a hose or drip system...or what.

Rainwater Harvesting

The point is that when you water using sub-irrigation, you encourage deep roots to develop as they search for the water, wheras top-watering tends to aid the development of shallow roots, which you definitely don't want as they suffer in drought conditions.

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My mom have always dreamed of having rooftop garden. This totally looks good and I hope you could add more flowering plants on your garden and post it on your website.

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