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November 20, 2008


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Thanks Bob. It's been a really fun 1st year. Before tackling this project, I wanted to build something that was functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. I think so many urban people are turned off by gardens because they seem like a lot of work and the thought of having unruly plants growing everywhere is a little overwhelming. As I mentioned in other posts, the design was initially meant to be functional (weight distribution, ability to add on trellis/staking items and wind barriers) to counteract some of the issues I've heard about the Earthboxes (tomatoes can blow over in high winds, inferior staking systems). In the end, I've grown to like the clean lines as well.

My little garden easily feeds my family and my friends have reaped the rewards as well. To give you an idea on costs, you can price it out by roughly breaking down the materials. I used six twelve foot long 2x10's for the main channels and spaced them with eleven inch 2x4's (ten per box). The Earthboxes sit on top of the 2x4's for support. I used deck screws to put the whole thing together. They sit on scrap wood on top of roofing material to keep things level. The total investment was about $100 for the structure. Later I added a cedar staking system for about another $70 or so. The only tools I used were a skill saw, drill/driver, measuring tape, and speed square. The biggest investments were the Earthboxes ($400) and potting mix/fert/lime ($200) but I'm stretching this cost over the course of 3 years or so.

BTW, my "low tunnel" project has temps 10-15 degrees higher than the outside. My spinach is still growing despite the sub 30 degree temps recently. Can't wait for '09. Thanks again Bob.


Thank you on behalf of all who read this post. It was most generous of you to take the time to add this valuable information.

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