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October 03, 2008


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Thanks a lot for your blog full of great advices and clarifications about sub-irrigation vs self-watering. Thanks to your blog, I've started a sub-irrigated pop bottle to graw a new ficus from a little branch.

I have a question though : what's your best advice on how to know when to add water to the bottom part?

It's great to read you! Cheers!

Nathan Weselake

Do you have to put the lid on the bottom of the pop bottle because some pics have it on and some off.

You stress the importance of "measuring" . Can you point me a direction where I can get a sense of what plants require what water initially?

Great info, will be back often.

Greenscaper Bob

These are good questions that I believe are of general interest. I'll answer them in a separate post. Thanks for the questions and the feedback.

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