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September 17, 2008


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To whoever wrote this article: I've been the producer of the Backyard Farmer television program here in Nebraska for the past 14 seasons. This past Thursday we just started our 56th season. I've also had the privilege to work with the gentleman in the video for those 14 years I've been a producer. You will never meet a more humble, genuine, knowledgable and friendly guy.

Normally John and I head out to a garden center or other locations and do our video segments which are unscripted, but heavily planned out during the year. In this particular series (which was 4 segments, not the 6 you counted) John was trying to give people ideas on how to have success in container gardening. The University of Nebraska Extension does not produce commercials for the purpose of selling products. We have a strict policy of unbiased information to help people with their lawns and gardens. John wasn't producing a commercial for Proven Winners or All American selections, he merely mentioned it to help people have a better chance at success. We also didn't know about the Earth Box, and even if we did, we wouldn't have produced a commercial promoting it just like we didn't produce a commercial promoting Proven Winners or All American selections. John was trying to show people that their containers could be trellised nothing more, nothing less. We didn't pay for it because we were at a garden center who was selling it, John picked it out because he wanted to mention trellising for containers. After we finished taping, John put it back where he got it.

I encourage you to watch our entire program and I think you'll be satisfied to know that Phd's are on our panel answering a variety of gardening questions including entomology, turf, plant pathology and horticulture from thousands of people in the midwest - and they've been doing it for 56 years. Our program is podcasted on iTunes. Take a look at it and tell me what you think. We're on every Thursday here in Nebraska and the program is uploaded every Friday.

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