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April 14, 2008


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Hey Bob,
Brooklyn is a really fun place....I have relatives there and I love visiting.
I would like to ask you a question regarding hydroculture. Is it just lack of knowledge why it is not as popular here as in Europe?
I am starting a business with foliage plants in hydroculture and an ex-ceo (from SCORE) who gives advice simply said there is a reason why its not done here in the USA, and I have alot of legwork to do to find out before I venture a career in hydroculture.
I look forward to reading your website and hope the benifits of hydroculture are recognized.

Duncan Watwood

I'm happy to have found your site. Last year, I started gardening on my rooftop, mostly because the space was going to waste. I also wanted my daughters to have some idea of our connections to our food. I've called our modest effort the Verticial Farm, as well. Up to now, I've been using square foot gardening techniques, but will start to make the transition to SIPs this year.

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