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March 18, 2008


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Hi Bob,

Thanks for making this site. I am very interested in learning more and look forward to your additional posts. Indoor urban agriculture is a fantastic idea!



To Bob - best of luck with your new site. Let's hope the message gets across to more people now...

To all others - reading Bob's Inside Plants Live site changed my outlook to growing and have had great results using less water and effort. His advice and information is worth noting and implementing...

Bob aka Greenscaper

Thanks! Your supportive comments are appreciated more than you could possibly know. I look forward to the day when this blog is a team effort. The topic deserves it.

Bruce F

Hi Bob,

I'm taking your advice about blogging.

We, ok I, decided to start one up and would like to get your feedback.

Hope things are going well,


Greenscaper Bob

Great news Bruce!

Your knowledge will be a valuable addition to the ever increasing database of information on the subject of rooftop gardening and urban agriculture.

I wish you much good luck with your new blog.


I'd love to make your self-irrigation pots from pop bottles, but I'm (embarrassingly) confused as to how you water them. Are you removing the plant each time and filling the basin? Doesn't that (not to be too punny) jar the plant, especially the bonsai? Thanks so much for all the lovely pictures and advice!

Greenscaper Bob

Hi Petra,

Good question! I lift the planter and add a measured amount of water to the reservoir.

Some people make a hole in the side of the reservoir (bottom section) so that they can add water without having to lift the planter section.

I hope this answers your question?


Hey Bob,
I tried emailing this to you but your mailbox on is full and I don't know your address.
Anyway I just found your blog(s) yesterday and I think they are awesome! TONS
of great information. I am so happy I found it, I have been struggling
to start some sub-irrigation (self-watering) containers. I am the type
of person who really doesn't feel confidant about an endeavor until I
have a better understanding of what is happening in the entire system.
Growing plants has been an invisible system to me up until now. Thank
you for providing such a great resource!

As I have just started reading your blog I am not sure if you have seen this:

Looks to be pretty interesting, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it
(as would others I'm sure).


Ernie (Ernestine) Herman

I very much like your ideals. The soda container may just help me with seedlings. I get them started only to have them fail before I can get them in the ground. Thanks. I also put a link on my site to yours to show other people what a great ideal this is. Please visit and let me know if this is ok with you.

Greenscaper Bob

Ernie...thanks for the feedback. The world can use all the help it can get spreading the word about repurposed pop/soda bottle planters and propagators. I'm definitely going to do some vegetable seed starting early next spring in pop bottle propagators. I've learned how good they are for rooting cuttings. Now I'll learn about seed sprouting. It will be fun!


Hi Bob,
I got to your blog thru typepad. I have recently started an online store at which sends indoor plants as gifts to people in India. I definitely see myself using/reading your blog regularly to gain more insights on container gardening. Do visit my blog to let me know what you think about my store/blog!
And all the best with your blog...:)

It's pretty amazing that the idea of rooftop gardens is just taking off.. Can you imagine the difference in the heat island effects in cities like new york if most buildings had oxygen producing gardens on their roofs instead of head radiating silver coated tar paper?

- t


I've been using your soda bottle planters to grow herbs on my windowsill this winter, so thank you for that idea. I noticed these planters on a recent trip to Ikea and thought you might be interested.


Thanks for the IKEA self-watering planter link. I"ll post about it.


nice website. Here is somr information about roof gardens


Hi. I'm very interested in your idea to add sub-irrigation to the square foot garden. I'd like to do this as well. Have you made progress or have plans on how this can be accomplished?



Hi Bob I love your blog!

Derek Sacerdote

Hi. My name is Derek and I just stumbled onto your site. It so happens I am running for City Council in Brooklyn and the sort of independence building teaching you represent is EXACTLY what I would like to promote. I would like to connect with the mind(s) behind this site to share ideas. PLEASE contact me if you are interested.


I JUST stumbled upon this website, and find it quite fascinating.

This is something I found just recently, ( and wondered what you thought about it.

Also, I just moved to an apartment that was built in the 30's and most likely has lead paint (underneath years and years of other paints) I was wondering if lead would affect plants, and if significantly so, are there plants that would be okay. I know it's very scientific, but maybe there's something you've heard elsewhere about it?

Thanks a bunch and I look forward to your response!

A reader

I believe the reason so many mainstream media outlets do not cover sub-irrigation is due to their advertisers. Take the EarthBox, it requires no expensive tools, chemicals, books or classes. These are the long commited sources of advertising revenue for Sunset magazine, Organic Gardening, and others. Television is no different, nor are many websites or blogs who are also beholden to money.

Raffi - a gardening wiki and plant encyclopedia (a la Wikipedia) could use a couple of people coming in and adding some good content on urban gardening. It would be a great resource for everyone visiting the site...

Felicity Waters

hey thanks for referencing Garden Beet!!! very kind of you

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